Who We Are

Climb Base5 is the most unique climbing experience in Metro Vancouver.

Climb Base5 has been a long time fixture, and promoter of the Metro Vancouver Climbing community. Since 2002 we have been the indoor climber’s premiere choice for long steep lead routes and amazing bouldering.

Our mission is to deliver quality programs for beginners to advanced climbers and provide a uniquely creative climbing experience. We have two gyms located in Coquitlam and North Vancouver that not only provide plenty of climbing space for top-rope, lead climbing, and bouldering, but also custom programs for kids, groups and adults, Climb Base5 is committed to educating, inspiring and connecting people to have a healthy lifestyle.

We are passionate about climbing and believe climbing is common to everyone.

We are driven to be the leader in quality programming and offer a uniquely creative climbing experience.
We are committed to forming connections between nature, health and friends in our communities.
We are focused on collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations locally and worldwide.

If you’re thinking climbing, visit our gym. It’s seriously fun!

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Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

Our team at Climb Base5 wants to create a community with diversity, inclusion and respect at its heart. We actively take a stand against any form of harm, harassment, or discrimination that is based on gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, wealth, body-type, or any other prejudice.

Our ongoing mission is to facilitate a space in which all of our community members feel safe and free to follow their passion. We welcome everyone, whether you are a novice or professional climber, we endeavour to be the base for you to learn, grow and support one-another.

We are committed to being aware of our own privileges in the form of gender, sexuality, language, wealth, housing, body size, mental health, neurodiversity, ability, education, skin colour, relationship constellations and citizenship and how they differ from other people’s privileges and therefore lived experiences. We are also committed to using this awareness to modify our own behaviours.

We take an active stand against racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, breaches of consent, body-shaming, ableism, and classism in all its forms whether they are blatant or come in the form of micro-aggressions.

To demonstrate our commitment, the following are examples of measures that our team at Climb Base5 has taken and will take to promote diversity and inclusivity:

  • We have initiated regular staff meetings to inform staff about matters regarding diversity and inclusivity and discuss ways how to abolish any form of gate keeping in our facilities. In these meetings, the primary speakers are members of the LGTBQ+ community and racial minorities. Participation in these meetings is voluntary and the sharing of information regarding diversity and inclusivity is entirely by choice. Participants are also paid for this time.
  • When it is possible to do so, depending on the state of the restrictions related to the pandemic, we will create a safe space for members of minorities through events and dedicated gym use.
  • We are actively seeking to reduce assumptions. As part of this work, we will start offering stickers for our team and community members with their choice of personal pronouns should they wish to share.
  • Our team is actively reaching out to communities that are underrepresented in our facilities and is looking for collaborations in order to visibly diversify our community. We know that when you enter a community and nobody looks like you, it’s hard to feel welcome and we want to change that.
  • We are implementing a feedback mechanism that allows you as community members, and our team members, to point out circumstances and events that feel exclusionary for minorities. The same mechanism will act as a reporting tool for anyone who experiences harm, and or harassment.
  • We are also working on ways to provide you with regularly updated routes and boulder problems that reflect the diversity of the bodies of people who wish to climb. This includes not only the physical routes and problems but also posting weight limits for auto belay machines, available harness sizes, and accessibility in and around the facilities. Every body can climb.
  • We know that climbing is not easily affordable for everyone. We are currently working on a mechanism based on solidarity in the form of a “pay-it-forward-board”.
  • We recognize that our gym is a gateway to the outdoors. As such, we do not limit this statement only to our facilities but encourage our staff, and our community members to stand up for each other when you are not at the gym, including when you are at the crag or anywhere else.
  • Our team would love to include you in this process, so, if you know of useful resources, please point us in their direction. If you see someone in need, connect them with us. If you are affected by any form of exclusion, let us know. We want to hear it, we want to help, and we want to do better.

This is our active commitment to a diverse and inclusive community. We will update it regularly and we will keep you updated about the progress that has been made as well as the gaps that we still have to fill. We ask that you join us on our path to a community that is built for everyone.

Pay It Forward

Here at Climb Base5 we believe climbing should be accessible to everyone. We believe in a community of climbers that cares for its members.

If you are short on cash this month, please ask the desk staff to use a coupon from the board behind the desk. It means a fellow climber has already paid for your session today. If you have a little extra this month, consider making a fellow climber smile. Just tell the desk staff you want to put a coupon on the board.

What we offer

  • Metro Vancouver’s largest climbing gym
  • Offering the most Auto Belay options within the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley
  • Beginner and advanced climbing options
  • New climbing routes added each week
  • Indoor and outdoor climbing courses available
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff can guide you through your entire climbing experience.
  • Custom built Kids Programs created by a climbing professional and certified trainer
  • Group party options available
  • Multiple membership and payment options available
  • Membership perks
  • Friendly social community that offers challenging and fun events
  • Inspirational community events that supports a healthy lifestyle
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