Climb4Life Youth Development Program

Climbing is a lifelong pursuit.

The Climb4Life Youth Development Program and its courses support our young climbers at all stages of their athletic development.

The values, self-image, friendships and active lifestyle learned along the way enrich our lives and keep us whole. The benefits of this pursuit go far beyond results and achievements. We want our athletes to learn self-reliance and personal accountability along the way. Our youth program is ultimately about instilling safe, sound, and fun principles of climbing and physical development. This means we pay special attention to how we train, what we teach and at what ages concepts and loads of training are introduced to young climbers.

“Climbing allows kids to confront fear, find passion, trust and be trusted, learn discipline, and become critical thinkers. It’s a great sport to learn how to persevere, think critically, problem solve, and care for others”

– Andrew Wilson, Climb Base5 Coach and former Head Coach of Canada’s National Climbing Team

The courses in the program all build on each other, yet it is not as simple as a linear progression – we offer coaching that supports both the competitive climber with ambitious aspirations, as well as the non-competitive climber who wants to achieve personal satisfaction with the progression of their climbing both indoors and out.

The objectives of our Climb4Life Youth Development Program are:

  • Personal growth, discipline and lifelong learning.
  • Safety, respect and fair play.
  • Skill and technical mastery before performance and results.

Because climbing is a lifelong pursuit, our youth programs follow the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model outlined by Sport Canada and Canadian Sport for Life:

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