Step out of your comfort zone with our new boulder series

Our route setters love coming up with boulders that are both creative and challenging for climbers. We’re happy to announce a new series of boulders that will get beginner to advance climbers scratching their heads to solve the problems, while having fun doing it!

We want our b5 series of boulders to get climbers to step out of their comfort zone. There will be three categories to the b5 series boulders that will help expose people to new climbing styles, provide innovative problems for climbers, and allow us to come up with boulders that will address specific climbing needs, like youth or competition development.

The categories are:

  1. Future Series – For ages 12 and under, but also good for adults!
  2. Competition Series – Represents styles and holds commonly found in boulder competitions.
  3. Training Series – Targets a specific movement or strength pattern.


The good news: Boulders on the Tsunami Wall will change every two weeks that may include boulders and routes from the b5 series. Even better news is that b5 series boulders and routes will be set not only on the Tsunami Wall but throughout the gym – part of the fun is to find them! Just look out for the b5 series route cards.


While looking for the b5 series, you might come across boulders marked with white tags. These routes represents the average example of the V-grade or the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) grade. We always get asked about how climbing and bouldering grade scales translate with each other. Here’s a table on how they match up.


Come to Climb Base5, try out the b5 series boulders and challenge yourself!