BBC – Base5 Boulder Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

If so, why not accept the Climb Base5 Boulder Challenge!

Motivate yourself, your friends, and your rivals to climb harder for a month, and maybe win some great prizes in the process. You don’t even have to be the strongest climber to win prizes! Determination will also be rewarded!

Prizes will be awarded based on:

– Most points

– Most days climbed

– Most attempts with a send

– Draw Prizes and giveaways

Only $10 to register. Each participant receives a scorecard to keep track of sends, attempts, and overall points.

“1 Month, 50 Problems, No Problems” is the motto of the challenge. Look for new problems to be added weekly to keep you excited and motivated.

Stay tuned to the Facebook event page “BBC: Base5 Boulder Challenge” throughout the challenge for updates and announcements on new problems. We encourage all participants to comment on the problems and post pics or videos of sends!

Join us for a Wrap-Up Party March 14th. Raise a glass to your victories, or try to forget about the near sends. We will have beer on hand for either!

Thank you to our sponsors….

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