Be the best climber you can be with Anna Lee

We’re excited to announce that Anna Lee (McColl) will be joining the Climb Base5 team to run a unique course for adult beginner and intermediate climbers!

Anna will be bringing her talents and skills as a climber, instructor, baker and mother of 4-time Overall World Climbing Champion Sean McColl to help adult climbers (ages 40+) improve on their climbing movement, strength, and endurance, as well as to foster friendships, provide resources and build the community.

Since climbing at The Edge in the late 90’s, Anna considers climbing one of her many passions. In the last 20 years she’s climbed both indoors and outdoors around the world, judged climbing competitions at the local, national and international level, coached children and adults in climbing fundamentals, and, most importantly, supplied climbers, judges, route setters, gym owners and parents around the world with her amazing baked snacks and goodies!

She’s mainly a rope climber these days, trains in the gym and climbs outside when she can… she also likes bouldering, but (like some of us) doesn’t like the coming/jumping down. Not only does she want to share her love of climbing, but she’s also educated and experienced in maintaining good physical and mental health. Anna has a background in nursing and human kinetics and has worked as a nurse in hospital, community health, and palliative care settings for over 25 years.

“Anna brings to this program miles of climbing and life experience which will enable her to share her love of climbing in a safe, supportive, educational, exciting and loving way.” – Daniel Poggi, Climb Base5 Owner

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