Canadian Climbing Triple Crown Champions come from Climb Base5

Climb Base5 athletes Alannah Yip and Emi Takashiba took top spot in the Open and Youth C categories following this weekend’s Speed and Lead Nationals at Canyon Escalade in Quebec. With their first place finishes in lead and speed added to their national bouldering champion titles earlier this year, both Alannah and Emi are 2017 Canadian triple crown champs!

Head coach and youth development program director Andrew Wilson attributed the success to the athletes’ dedication and determination.

“I’m pretty excited for Emi and Alannah. They’re the first-ever Canadian triple crown winners – and the only two in the country to accomplish it. I think that the fact both are part of the Climb Base5 team speaks to how our program supports athletes through all stages of development.”

Junior and Open athlete Kyle Murdoch and coach Andrew Wilson (Photo: Shane Murdoch)

Alannah, who comes from the Open Performance Team, and Emi, who’s part of the comp 1 team, weren’t the only Climb Base 5 athletes who did well at this weekend’s nationals.

The top 5 climbers for almost every category in the competition included at least one Climb Base5 athlete. This included first place finishes for lead in Junior Men’s (Tosh Sherkat), Youth A Girls (Chloe Earle), and for speed in the Youth C category (Connor Jones).

Speed – 1st place finishes

  • Alannah Yip (Open – Female)
  • Connor Jones (Youth C – Male)
  • Emi Takashiba (Youth C – Female)

Difficulty / Lead and Top Rope

Open – Male

  • JJ Mah (4th)
  • Kyle Murdoch (8th)
  • Tosh Sherkat (16th)
  • Hayden Jones (37th)
  • Zach Bennett (39th)

Open – Female

  • Alannah Yip (1st)
  • Chloe Earle (4th)
  • Sophie Buitendyk (6th)
  • Mika Hosoi (27th)
  • Katie Mah (35th)

Junior – Female

  • Mika Hosoi (4th) and 3rd Canadian

Junior – Male

  • Tosh Sherkat (1st)
  • Kyle Murdoch (4th)
  • Hayden Jones (10th)

Youth A – Female

  • Chloe Earle (1st)
  • Sophie Buitendyk (3rd)

Youth B – Female

  • Brielle Zacharias (13th)
  • Alana Titerle (32nd)

Youth B – Male

  • Ben Newman (5th)
  • Ethan Hoffman (6th)

Youth C – Female

  • Emi Takashiba (1st)
  • Tula Sherkat (7th)

Youth C – Male

  • Connor Jones (4th) and 2nd Canadian

For the full results, visit the Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l’escalade website.