Christmas present ideas for climbers

There’s a lot to be grateful for this year at Climb Base5 – from the routesetting changes, updates to our youth programs, new partnerships, and improvements to our gyms. It’s a way for us to support and give back to our community… With the season of giving upon us, here are a few (last minute?) Christmas present ideas for the climbers in your life!

Gift Cards
Looking for a gift to give to a climber in your family or in your group of friends? Or want to pass on your love of climbing to someone else? Treat them by purchasing one of our gift cards!

The Gift Card can go towards any product or service Climb Base5 offers.

Learn more and purchase our gift cards online!

Hold Sale
We’re having a hold sale from December 15-16th at our Coquitlam location. Bring you buckets and fill them up with holds we’re selling at a super cheap rate. It’s first come, first served… the cost is $5/kg!

Are you mad for MadRock?
We’re selling MadRock products directly from our Coquitlam location. See below for a list of what we have in stock. If the items are sold out, you can still order from us and we’ll have it delivered to the gym within 4-5 days.

Don’t forget – members get %10 off!

Here’s what we are selling…

Concorde Express Set $79
Mad rock Trigger Wire $12
Ultra Tech HMS Screwgate $13
Lifegaurd $109
Wingman Belay device $15.50
Mars Men’s Harness $59
Venus Women’s Harness $59
Koala Chalk Bag $15

Ropes at North Vancouver
As part of the clean up and preparations for renovations at our North Vancouver location, we found ropes everywhere! Under the mat‘s, behind the walls, piled up like a mess of snakes within the towers, so we have a few ropes we can sell. $10 each, or 10 for $50… contact our North Van desk staff for more info!