We’re reopening (slowly) after COVID-19… here’s the when and how.

BC is beginning to reopen and so are we. We are still in challenging times, therefore we are choosing to open slowly and cautiously with the intention of managing the well-being of our staff and community.

I cannot emphasize this enough, managing the risks associated with climbing and the spread of COVID-19 is our priority. We are working with International and Provincial Climbing Associations as well as our local Government Officials including WorkSafeBC to provide a plan that is effective and sustainable.

This is how we plan to reopen.

General information

  • We will re-open to the public on June 7th, 2020.
  • Access to the gym will be by appointment only. We will have 1hr 45-minute time slots available through our on-line booking system. Our hours will be modified to provide more availability throughout the day enabling us to provide access to approximately 200 people each day. See below for more information.
  • The number of people in the gym will be limited at any one time based on the Provincial Health Authorities guidelines for social distancing.
  • After the first week of reopening, we will be adding layers of additional user groups including drop-ins and programs as we learn how each of these user groups interact with one another.

View the “Indoor Climbing Gym Industry Guidelines for British Columbia” that we developed in partnership with gyms across BC.

Here are some ways we are taking precautions for the safety and health of everyone who comes to our facilities:

  • New entrance and exit locations for both facilities.
  • We ask all climbers and visitors to wash their hands immediately after entering the facility.
  • NO POWDER or BLOCK CHALK. Liquid ONLY with at least 70% alcohol content. We will have liquid chalk for sale at the facility.
  • Masks are recommended, but not mandatory. We will have masks for sale at the facility.
  • Come ready to climb. Only bring what you need for climbing. Change rooms will be limited and could have long waits.
  • Follow the signage when you arrive, check in processes have changed.
  • Increased number of hand sanitizing stations through-out the facility
  • 15 minute cleaning time slots after each set of climbers
  • PPE is readily available for all staff (masks, gloves, face shields, sanitizer, etc)
  • Plexiglass barrier for the desk
  • Touch-less transactions
  • Cubbies wiped down between patrons

Thank you for patience with us through these challenging times.

This time continues to be one of uncertainty. We are reminded daily about the impact of the pandemic and how it challenges all of us. Given uncertain times we will continue to discover ways to manage the risks attributed to climbing and COVID-19.

Remember to book your climbing slot before coming to the gym.

With regards to booking your climbing, we encourage you to come with a partner(s) inside your bubble of close friends or family. This will assist with upholding the recommendations of the Provincial Health Officer. Each person will be required to book individually, therefore planning your weekly climbing schedule with you partner will assist you in getting the times that work best for you and your group.

Have a child under the age of 8? Climbing is available between 10am-4pm. Please call us for availability.

Do you have a membership? Visit this page for more info about booking a climbing slot.

Please remember, there is a limit to the number of available appointments. Plan your schedule in advance. This process is very new for us and we will be monitoring this process closely see how it works. We look forward to your feedback as this process unfolds.

See you in the gym.

Yours Sincerely,

Owner Daniel Poggi and the Base5 Team