New surprises for the 2nd annual Defying Gravity bouldering comp and social!

The event was amazing!

Thank you to the participants, volunteers, and sponsors who helped make it happen…

And the winners are…

After 30 individual climbs and 5 team challenges, here are your winning teams for each category. Not only do they have the bragging rights, we’re making a Defying Gravity trophy and inscribing the winners names so it’s also going to be permanent and for all to see at the gym!


  1. No One’s Overhung like Gaston
  2. Ninjas in Pajamas
  3. B


  1. No Gravity
  2. Fresh off The Couch
  3. Team Betazoid


  1. Crimpin’ Crushers
  2. Sweet N’ Lo
  3. 3 Kids with a Problem


It’s baaaaaack…. based on the overwhelming interest, support and fun people had with last year’s first-ever Defying Gravity bouldering competition and social, we’re bringing it back again for this year. There’s going to be more challenges and games that’ll make this “not-your-average” and most unique climbing comp of the year in Metro Vancouver!

It’s going to be social. It’s going to be about teamwork. It’s going to be a wicked time… Register as a team or sign up on your own (we’ll put you on a team) and face off against other teams with new boulder problems to try and our spicy-constructed team challenges.

This event is for everyone in a fun, relaxed, and supportive environment… If you’ve never climbed in a comp situation and want to give it a try, this is for you. If you’ve had some comp experience, this will be something that you’ve never seen before where you’ll have to trust your instincts, close your eyes, leap and hope you picked the right teammates!

Defying Gravity: Climb together, fall together, stay together.
Date: Saturday, June 16th, 2018
Time: 10am – 10pm
Price: $25 per person

The Rules

  1. Climb as a team
    • Come up with your own three-person team.
    • You can also sign up as an individual: let us know when registering for the event and we’ll organize you to be on a team.
    • All ages from 10 and up are welcome to join!
  2. Earn points as a team by climbing boulder problems and taking part in our team challenges
  3. The most points for all rounds gets your team to the finals! We’ll have a finals for the top 5 teams from all three team categories (Novice, Advanced, and Experts).
  4. Win the finals. Get an award, the glory, and, more importantly, the bragging rights!

Event Program

10am – 530pm: We’ll have a 2-hour scramble format with the focus on hardest boulders topped and most boulders topped.

  • 10am – Novice scramble *teams can be co-ed, all girls or all guys
  • 12pm – Advanced scramble *teams can be co-ed, all girls or all guys
  • 2pm – Expert scramble *co-ed teams mandatory

530pm – 10pm: The Finals, food, fun, games, awards, and general hilarity to follow!

  • Try all the team problems
  • Surprise social activity
  • Climbing Twister
  • Giant Jenga
  • Swag Giveaways

Deadline to register: June 15th, 2018

Sign up to the Facebook event to get updates, ask questions and hang out!
Sign up to the Facebook event to get updates, ask questions and hang out!

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