Easter Seals Drop Zone

Climb Base5 has once again teamed up with Easter Seals Drop Zone Vancouver. We have signed on to make sure all the participants receive rappel training prior to the event, and provide the technical staffing for the day of the event. As climbers we forget that being high up on a wall (or building in this case) can be a stressful situation for most. So in order to deal with the anxiety of here are a few tips that might help ease the tension.

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5 Tips on Preparing to Rappel

1. Breathe & Relax
Being anxious is a completely natural reaction to dealing with exposure to heights. It’s your “self preservationist” sympathetic nervous system kicking into high gear. Breathing helps. Try an Equal or Balanced Breathing exercise to focus your attention on your breathing and away from the task at hand. Inhale for a count of 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, and repeat. We as rope access technicians are there to ensure that we provide a back-up system should you make a mistake. Relax, you are in good hands

2. Enjoy the experience
You have put a lot of leg work into raising money for a great cause, enjoy the reward for your hard work. Don’t worry about the people in front of you or those waiting behind. Don’t rush, take your time getting into position, enjoy the view, and remember Rule #1. There is a lot to take in, so feel free to bring a camera or Go-Pro to capture the experience. How many people get to rappel 20 stories?

3. Dress accordingly
Costumes are a great way to personalize your Drop Zone experience. The more creative the better! Just remember that we have to fit a harness and helmet around those angel wings and halo. Any part of the costume that could get tangled in the rigging or dropped, will have to secured and out of the way. If we think that any articles of your costume present a safety hazard, we may ask that you refrain from wearing them on the day of your rappel. If you are in any doubt regarding the safety of your costume, feel free to raise your concerns during your training session.

4. Safety systems
You are not alone. You will encounter no less than 6 of our trained and certified staff during your rappel. Each technical staff member will double check your set-up, and ensure that you are comfortable managing the rappel equipment. Remember you are in control. If at any point you don’t feel safe, or have concerns, don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to enjoy the experience and not be stressed (See Rule#1)

5. Bring your own cheer squad
Firstly, make sure you tell your friends and family to come out to support during your rappel. It is important to surround your self with familiar faces, and have your loved ones cheering you on. Secondly, remember to have a theme song playing when you rappel. Choose something that inspires or pumps you up. Have fun with your selection.