Good luck to our setters in February

February is going to be an exciting time for the Climb Base5 route setting team… not only will they be coming up with some amazing routes that’ll delight, some of the team will also be setting, coaching or training to compete in two major national bouldering events!

First up is the CEC Youth Boulder Nationals taking place in Montreal from February 16-18.

  • Simon Parton as Chief Setter
  • Sophie Buitendyk as an athlete
  • Emi Takashiba as an athlete
  • Hayden Jones as a Coach
  • Nikki Ho as a Coach

Then there’s the CEC Open Boulder Nationals in Calgary from March 2-3.

  • Simon Parton as Assistant Chief Setter
  • Sophie Buitendyk as an athlete
  • Hayden Jones as an athlete

So what’s new for Feb in the gyms?

Our setters have brought back two point starts for bouldering. Four point starts are not always necessary and can feel a bit contrived at times. So the setters have created an option to use two point starts in a different colour if they think it might improve the boulder.

Need a break from normal? Our weird routes might be for you…

The team always makes sure there’s at least one route that is a little unusual, a little something that makes you think, or even giggle uncontrollably as you find your way up the route. In Coquitlam, look above the garage door and to the left of the blue waterfall for two routes that are just plain weird, but oh so fun!

Here’s a quick look at the setting for next month

February 4 – 6

  • Routes in North Vancouver
  • Pink or Yellow Routes in Coquitlam

February 11 – 13

  • No setting, good luck to our setting team at Youth Boulder Nationals!

February 18 – 20

  • Bouldering in North Vancouver
  • Tsunami Wall in Coquitlam

February 25 – 27

  • Good luck to our setters at Open Boulder Nationals!
  • Routes in North Vancouver
  • Black routes in Coquitlam