Join us for Climbing Day in BC

We’re proud to be a part of all the gyms participating in this year’s Climbing Day in BC on October 25th. Organized by Sport Climbing BC, the day is a chance to experience and explore climbing!

If you’ve never climbed before, the day will be an opportunity to learn the basics of climbing in any one of BC’s many local climbing gyms, including yours truly, Base5 Climbing Gym… Climbing is more than just physical exercise; it works wonders for the mind, it brings people together, and for many, it becomes an incredibly fulfilling lifelong pursuit!

There are three parts to Climbing Day in BC:

  • Professional Development for educators
  • Climbing for youth and families
  • A province wide climbing challenge!

Here are some things to remember!

  • Indoor climbing is NOT alpine climbing (Everest), it is NOT what you saw in Free Solo, it is NOT Stallone in Cliffhanger, it is not inherently dangerous and it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
  • Climbing is fun and a whole body workout.
  • While we generally think of climbing as a physical pursuit, it also requires strategic planning, problem solving and decision making with each move up the wall.
  • Climbing is inherently social as climbers rely on one another for safety and for strategy.

Check you the Climbing Day in BC website for all the details or contact one of Base 5 climbing gyms for info on participating. We look forward to seeing you on October 25th!

The below video highlights the different types of climbing (not speed) and shows the diversity of climbing regarding ages, gender and diversity.

Did you know that sport climbing will be an event at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics? Here’s an intro on what it’ll be all about.