Climbing is my escape… Climb Base5 is where I feel like I’m part of a community.

He’s loyal, passionate, cares for the local climbing community, and is living a climber’s life – meet Climb Base5 community member and ambassador Julian Fok who embodies our philosophy to learn, grow, have fun and inspire!

Originally from Toronto, Julian grew up in BC and had plans to do something with his Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology degree. Instead, when the weather is right, he’s now living in a van to take advantage of his love of climbing and the outdoors… and he’s able to do it because he’s a talented freelance photographer and videographer. We’re jealous!

How did you get to live out Peter Parker’s life?
When I was studying Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at university, I was doing part-time photography on the side. I ended up following the photography career path, and my studies became my hobby. Nowadays, I’m a freelance photographer and videographer based out of New Westminster. The flexible schedule gives me many opportunities to travel and climb.

Adjusting your lifestyle around climbing must mean that you’ve been doing it for a while?

Actually I only started climbing in 2016 when I went with a friend to Climb Base5 using his guest pass. A few days later, I got myself a membership, and the rest is history… I used to play football and ice hockey (goaltender), but ever since I got into climbing, I’ve been exclusive to it. Since then I’ve continued to sport climb and boulder indoors and outdoors, been able to send V6, and even traveled to Yosemite, Zion National Park, Leavenworth Banff, Skaha, and of course Squamish to climb. I haven’t done it yet, but I’d love to climb The Chief!

Sounds like you’ve been able to do the two things you love…
If I’m not climbing, I’m probably shooting, editing or traveling. If I’m not working or traveling, I’m climbing. Either way I try to combine and learn from both. My job is quite physically demanding. It doesn’t sound like much, but gripping a 5-pound camera and taking steady shots is like holding a pinch and locking off. Do that over a full day shoot, and I feel the pump just the same. It also doesn’t hurt that I can climb up and get different vantage points than others as well. If I fall, please catch my camera.

Climbing is my escape… Climb Base5 is where I feel like I’m part of a community.


Follow Julian (@julianfok) or see how he lives a climber’s life (@vanlifevancouver) on Instagram. You can also get in touch with him on Facebook (@JulianFokProductions) or through his website.

This is part of a series to profile members of the Climb Base5 community and why they climb (#WhyIClimb).