KBC – Kids Boulder Circuit

KBC:Kids Boulder Circuit

Have you ever wanted to introduce your child or student to bouldering, but found the problems to be too difficult or reachy? Not surprisingly, most boulder problems are set with the adult climber in mind. After all, this segment tends to be the most prolific in many commercial facilities, and therefore a priority for route setters. We understand there is a growing (no pun intended) segment of climbers that feel limited by these adult oriented boulder problems. Even the juggiest of boulder problems can utilize sequences that put the problem out of reach for smaller children and make climbing frustrating. Wingspan should not be a limiting factor when it comes to climbing development.

Our new KBC problems are set with kids in mind. KBC’s are a series of boulder problems set specifically for ages 10 and under. This circuit provides a progression of problems that address finishing height, physiological development, and technical ability. Made up of smaller moves that are not height dependent, and finishes that take into account a smaller stature, these problems minimize the frustration seen with the “Adult’ problems. However, the difficulty progression allows for children to challenge themselves, no matter where they are on the strength and technicality spectrum. These problems are spread throughout the gym, and are visually distinct, with white tape and the letters KBC denoting their unique nature. Instead of a V-Grade, they are numbered 1-14 in order of difficulty: 1 being the easiest (V0) and 14 being the hardest (V5). If you are a parent with younger children, make sure to ask our desk staff for a route map of where these problems are. Next time you are in, please feel free to give us some feedback on the problems. Perhaps there is a way that we can improve the system, and continue to address the accessibility issues of younger climbers.

Adults, you are welcome to try these problems. You may find the movement compressed and/or holds very small, and don’t feel too bad when your child cruises moves you can’t do. After all, they have the advantage!

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