Our “liberated” bouldering wall

We’re excited to share with you some new changes coming to bouldering at Climb Base5. Starting on Monday, January 15th, we will be filling an entire wall with holds and volumes!

As part of our commitment to provide new and varied climbing experiences for anyone who enters the gym, we are creating this new setup to help you train, socialize and progress in your climbing projects.

Build boulders on the wall and share them on Instagram by February 20th and you’ll be entered into a draw for some bouldering swag!
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What’s it going to look like?
The entire wall on the right side of the old boulder wall will be filled with holds and volumes. The catch is that it will not include marked boulders which will allow for more hold density and variety. That also means that this “liberated” bouldering wall will create new training and climbing possibilities such as:

  • Build your own adventure/boulders (with friends or alone)
  • Social games like Add On, S.E.N.D., and Memory (see below for how to play)
  • Training methods like “Boulder and Resistance Circuits” (see below for descriptions)

How long will it be this way?
These changes will be in effect for one month. Depending on the feedback we receive, we will decide whether to keep the changes. Share your feedback with our head routesetter Andrew Wilson (andrew@climbbase5.com).

Game Descriptions

Add On – requires two or more climbers

  • Each player creates 2 movements on his/her turn. Subsequent players must repeat the previous established moves then “Add On” two new moves.
  • Can also be played with “Open Feet” (players may use any footholds they choose) or with designated feet and hands

S.E.N.D – requires two or more climbers

  • Similar to the game H.O.R.S.E. played in basketball or S.L.U.S.H. played by park skiers. The objective of this game is to be last player to spell “S.E.N.D.”
  • The first player creates a boulder from the ground. He/she must designate holds and start with “open” or fixed feet BEFORE attempting the boulder.
  • If the first player completes the boulder, the second must repeat it or they will receive an”S”.
  • If the first player doesn’t complete the boulder, control moves to the second player.

Memory – requires two or more climbers

  • The first player creates a boulder.
  • Following players must repeat exact sequence from memory (no skipping).
  • Boulders should not be physically demanding.
  • The objective is to create and remember complicated sequences.
  • Can be played with “Open Feet” (players may use any footholds they choose) or with designated feet and hands

Training Methods

  • Boulder Circuits – this training method involves creating sequences of holds with specific intensity and volume to target different energy systems.
  • Strength Circuits – 8-12 moves at 85% intensity. (Purpose: build strength)
  • Resistance Circuits – 15-25 moves at 75%-85% intensity with no rest opportunity. (Purpose: increase resistance to fatigue)
  • Continuity/ Stamina Circuits – 30-60 moves at 45%-95%. (Purpose: increase ability to rest/recover on wall during hard climbing)

Make sure to let us know what you think and share your feedback with our head routesetter Andrew Wilson (andrew@climbbase5.com).

Or want to share the boulders your create or your game play on Instagram? Don’t forget to let us know by using #climbbase5.

Climb on!