North Vancouver is getting a make-over

Since 2018, we’ve been working hard to improve programming and update Climb Base5 North Vancouver following the change from The Edge. As one of Canada’s and North America’s most established climbing centres, we want to bring the gym into a new era. We’re happy to announce a few of those changes, taking in the comments and suggestions from loyal climbers!

While we’re looking at making incremental changes along the way, we also have plans to make sweeping changes from the front entrance and within the facility. Here’s a run-down:

The gym is getting a make-over – this includes installing new stairs and flooring, updating the colors in the gym to what we have at Coquitlam with with more natural wood panelling, black and white artwork and new lighting fixtures.

Holds, holds and more holds – We’ve been getting new holds for both gym, including a recent order for Kilter and Premium Holds in a new colour which will provide more hold density on the walls.

The party room is moving – In order to better service the needs of a party space and to maximize the use of gym space, we’re creating a new modernized location that will double as a viewing and work area. This will also allow us to have a small lounge for customers when not used for a party. The old party room will be turned into a workout area. We’re presently consulting with our staff, athletes and members to discover what will best suit their need and interest, but overall the environment will change with more lighting and some plant life to improve the ambience to bring space to life!

The workout area – Have you tried out the hangboards? They’re pretty rad. We have a Beastmaker 1000 and 2000 on the left side. On the right a transgression and progression board. There are hangers on the bottom for pulleys and weights and on the top are hangers for a TRX or whatever you want to set up. As for the campus board, we have rungs set up at moon spacing, sloper rails and soon tension balls. At the top are attachment points for rings.