Opt-In to Support your Community – Billing Options for April

To our beloved members,

I am writing to inform you of membership options for the next billing cycle due to COVID-19. It will be up to you to let us know if you would like to participate in these changes. If you do not contact us about your membership status it will remain on hold. The below options are available to suit your situation and to better support our entire community:

  1. Keep your membership active throughout the closure.
    • Your contribution will help keep staff working and support the community so that we are able to reopen after this crisis. If you opt-in you’ll also have access to our upcoming livestream classes!
  2. Pay 50% of your membership dues during the closure and receive 50% credit when the gym reopens.
    • For example, if we are closed for one month, you will pay 50% for the month we are closed and 50% for the first month when we reopen.
  3. Freeze your membership for $0
    • Given the extraordinary circumstances, you can freeze your membership without any penalty or dues.
  4. Extend your prepaid annual membership for another year.
    • Time will be added on top of your existing prepaid membership.
Update your billing option here

We understand some of our members are already impacted by this disease and cannot pay their membership dues. We stand behind our commitment to keep this community connected when we reopen. We will continue to provide access to all our members regardless of their situation.

There are three ways to support us during this crisis, and we truly appreciate your support in this time of crisis. On behalf of the Climb Base5 team, my gratitude goes out to the members that contacted us to continue their financial contribution. We will continue to honour and serve our members in any situation.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel Poggi and the Climb Base5 Team