Our commitment to the community for COVID-19

We are constantly monitoring the situation around COVID-19. As climbers, we all understand that safety is a primary concern. How we manage the threat to the illness is in direct relation to the risk.

Presently we are in full operation and taking the precautions required to minimize the impact of the illness. We are guided by our government and by the medical professionals as they are the leaders in this event. For more information about COVID-19, visit the BC Centre for Disease Control.

We are in our primary phase of this situation and as a result we are “educating”, “cleaning” and “screening”.

The measures we are taking to ensure your safety are as follows:

  • We are requesting that every customer that enters our facilities thoroughly washes their hands with soap when they come in as well as when they leave.
  • Our staff will be monitoring those who visit the gym and asking those who are showing any sign of illness to kindly come back at another time.
  • While climbing, we ask customers to keep their distance from other climbers and to avoid touching their face.
  • We are stepping up our cleaning efforts by ensuring that frequently-used surfaces are targeted with disinfectant on a regular basis throughout the day.

It’s going to take the effort of the entire community to manage this situation. So we ask that you assess your well-being before coming to the gym, respect and encourage others to follow the simple steps listed above, and be patient with our staff if they are asking you questions specific to the virus.

We value your feedback on this evolving situation – please share your feedback here. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you in the gym.

Be responsible, be safe, and have fun!!