I’ve seen the world, I have the best friends, and I can do a lot of pull ups… that’s all because I climb.

One of the newest members to join Climb Base5’s Open Performance Team for the 2017/2018 season is 23-year old North Vancouverite Ryder Hoy. Currently ranked 11th in BC for bouldering in the Open Men’s category, not only does it look like Ryder has a promising career in digging up worms for science, he’s looking to take his climbing to the next level by combining his individual style with the structured and team environment of the Open Team.

What does it mean for you to be on the Open Performance Team?
I started climbing in the early 2000s at the Edge Climbing Center under head coach Andrew Wilson. I haven’t been on a coached team since high school, so I am thrilled to be climbing among BC’s strongest athletes on the Open Performance Team. And best of all I’m excited to be able to work with Andrew again as an adult.

I think climbing in a team setting will make me a stronger climber overall. In the past few years, I have more or less been training on my own and my motivation was always lacking. Feeding off the other strong climbers on this team and having a structured training program is a sure fire recipe for success.

It’s impressive what you’ve accomplished training on your own. Can you list your favorites?
On a personal level, sending Pulse (5.14a) in Chekamous Canyon was my proudest send to date. An incredible amount of physical and mental effort went into to clipping the chains on that route. For my proudest competition moment, it has to be making semi-finals at the 2013 Youth World Championships held in Canada and placing in the top 25.

So climbing must be a big part of your life?
Climbing has always been the balance in my life that keeps me level headed. It maintains my fitness, fuels my love for adventure, and lets me play outside. It also lets me focus on concrete goals and find different ways to approach challenges in life – whether it’s on day-to-day stuff, a final round of competition, or sending a project out on the rocks. Virtually everything I do and how I live my life revolves someway around climbing, including who my friends are and what I studied in University.

Can you share a bit more about your life outside of climbing?
I graduated from the University of Victoria in 2016 and now work for an Environmental Science firm in Surrey. I travel throughout BC conducting environmental effects monitoring projects. You can often find me on a boat in the middle of nowhere sifting through mud and collecting worms – for science. I also enjoy mountain biking on the North Shore and taking trips to to explore the West Coast.

What don’t we know about you?
I have two belly buttons.

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This is part of a series to profile members of the Climb Base5 Open Performance Team.