Simon Parton is Climb Base5’s first Director of Routesetting

The newest member to the Climb Base5 family is Simon Parton who will be taking route-setting to the next level for our facilities in North Vancouver and Coquitlam.

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Simon has been climbing and competing for close to 20 years. He has also set 100+ local competitions, 10 National Championships, 3 IFSC World Cups, the IFSC Youth World Championships, and in 2017 was the Chief Setter for bouldering at the IFSC Pan-American Youth Championships. Simon is looking forward to working with our team of setters to “expose the community to new routes, styles, and things they haven’t seen before.”

How did you get into route-setting?

As a youth, I was part of the famed Edge Climbing Team and Canadian National Team and traveled and competed in several countries around the world. I started setting shortly after getting into climbing. I’ve always had a passion for building things and athletic pursuits. Setting was the perfect way for these two things to come together.

Why Climb Base5 and what’s your vision as Director?

I want Climb Base5 to be the best facility in the country for route-setter training. It all starts with route setters, If we invest in them, everyone will benefit. The North Vancouver and Coquitlam facilities will also give me the opportunity to manage the setting needs for multiple facilities, the freedom to continue my pursuits and development around setting for competitions, and to learn and grow.

Are we going to see differences at the two locations?

The two facilities have their own needs and quirks. It would be a shame to fill double the space with more of the same. I want to promote going back and forth between the facilities, exposing the community to new routes, styles, things they haven’t seen before. The more variety in setting we have the more room we have to learn and grow as a climbing community.

How do you come up with a route or boulder?

You have to look for inspiration whenever you can find it and sometimes it will come from the strangest places. I’ve had fantastic boulder problems pop into my head from seeing a small and maybe even boring foothold on the floor. Sometimes the inspiration comes from the lack of holds to choose from or having a set of holds that seemingly won’t fit together. The challenge and fun is coming up with creative ways to make it work.

Do you have a preference with setting boulders or routes?
I like setting boulders. It’s the challenge of filling a small number of moves with enough detail to be interesting.

What don’t we know about you?
I approve and support the use of pineapple on pizza.

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