Support our staff during COVID-19

As you may already know, we’ve closed our gyms due to COVID-19. During this time of uncertainty, we remain dedicated to supporting our climbing community and our incredible staff.

We’re a small, locally-owned business employing many people across the Metro Vancouver area; our staff, along with our members are the ones that have built this community. Many of you have asked us how you can continue to support Climb Base5 and we’ve been blown away by the support and thoughts – thank you!

The burden on the facility is overwhelming and the lasting implications are unknown. It’s clear we cannot manage this challenge alone. We rely on reoccurring income to provide for our structures and our team. With your support we will continue to learn, grow and inspire, and to keep our community healthy and connected.

Here are some ways you can help support us and our dedicated staff during this time of crisis:

Keep your membership going

Please stick with us through this difficult time and continue your membership. Choosing to maintain your membership will directly assist us in continuing to support our community and pay our dedicated and passionate staff. While we have put billing on hold during the closure, you can opt-in to continue your membership by filling out this form.

Purchase a Gift Card

Your gift card purchase will help pay our dedicated and passionate employees. It’ll also give you the flexibility of applying the gift card value to many options when we reopen. Purchase a gift card for one or both our gyms on this page.

Purchase a punch pass

Not only will it save you 10% off on our regular drop-in rate, you’ll have a full year from the time we reopen to use them. Purchase a 5-visit punch pass.

We continually strive to provide an experience that inspires you at Climb Base5. During this unprecedented event, we hope that you will continue to support us and our staff so we are able to continue this experience in the future.

Have Fun and Be Safe
Team Climb Base5