Canadian Climbing Triple Crown Champions come from Climb Base5

Climb Base5 athletes Alannah Yip and Emi Takashiba took top spot in the Open and Youth C categories following this weekend’s Speed and Lead Nationals at Canyon Escalade in Quebec. With their first place finishes in lead and speed added to their national bouldering champion titles earlier this year, both Alannah and Emi are 2017 Canadian triple crown champs!

Head coach and youth development program director Andrew Wilson attributed the success to the athletes’ dedication and determination.

“I’m pretty excited for Emi and Alannah. They’re the first-ever Canadian triple crown winners – and the only two in the country to accomplish it. I think that the fact both are part of the Climb Base5 team speaks to how our program supports athletes through all stages of development.”

Junior and Open athlete Kyle Murdoch and coach Andrew Wilson (Photo: Shane Murdoch)

Junior and Open athlete Kyle Murdoch and coach Andrew Wilson (Photo: Shane Murdoch)

Alannah, who comes from the Open Performance Team, and Emi, who’s part of the comp 1 team, weren’t the only Climb Base 5 athletes who did well at this weekend’s nationals.

The top 5 climbers for almost every category in the competition included at least one Climb Base5 athlete. This included first place finishes for lead in Junior Men’s (Tosh Sherkat), Youth A Girls (Chloe Earle), and for speed in the Youth C category (Connor Jones).

Speed – 1st place finishes

  • Alannah Yip (Open – Female)
  • Connor Jones (Youth C – Male)
  • Emi Takashiba (Youth C – Female)

Difficulty / Lead and Top Rope

Open – Male

  • JJ Mah (4th)
  • Kyle Murdoch (8th)
  • Tosh Sherkat (16th)
  • Hayden Jones (37th)
  • Zach Bennett (39th)

Open – Female

  • Alannah Yip (1st)
  • Chloe Earle (4th)
  • Sophie Buitendyk (6th)
  • Mika Hosoi (27th)
  • Katie Mah (35th)

Junior – Female

  • Mika Hosoi (4th) and 3rd Canadian

Junior – Male

  • Tosh Sherkat (1st)
  • Kyle Murdoch (4th)
  • Hayden Jones (10th)

Youth A – Female

  • Chloe Earle (1st)
  • Sophie Buitendyk (3rd)

Youth B – Female

  • Brielle Zacharias (13th)
  • Alana Titerle (32nd)

Youth B – Male

  • Ben Newman (5th)
  • Ethan Hoffman (6th)

Youth C – Female

  • Emi Takashiba (1st)
  • Tula Sherkat (7th)

Youth C – Male

  • Connor Jones (4th) and 2nd Canadian

For the full results, visit the Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l’escalade (FQME) website.



Alannah and JJ’s podium finish was a team effort

Canada’s top climbers came together last weekend to compete in the 2017 Open Boulder Nationals in Edmonton. This included some of our team athletes who crushed it individually and as a team!

Not only did JJ Mah come back from a climbing hiatus to claim 2nd spot on the podium, five of our athletes made the top 20 in the women’s category, including Alannah Yip taking her second consecutive Canadian national title!

Climb Base5’s team head head coach Andrew Wilson, who is still beaming from the results of the Youth Boulder Nationals in February, contributes the success of the individual athletes to the time, effort and support in coming together as a team.

I’m proud of Alannah and JJ. They came this far and got to the podium with the support from all the team members. What am I most proud of? The whole team.

Men’s Open (63 competitors)

  • JJ Mah (2nd)
  • Kyle Murdoch (20th)
  • Tosh Sherkat (21st)
  • Ivan Luo (29th)
  • Derek Runions (40th)
  • Hojin Jo (48th)
  • Hayden Jones (50th)

Women’s Open (47 competitors)

  • Alannah Yip (1st – her second national title)
  • Maria Celkova (7th)
  • Tiffany Melius (8th)
  • Sophie Buitendyk (12th)
  • Mika Hosoi (20th)

For the full results, visit the Comp Season website.

… and how can we forget Climb Base5 Open team member and routesetter Simon Parton, who challenged competitors with incredible, creative and beautiful boulders!


Training and teamwork pays off as our athletes reach the podium five times at the Youth Boulder Nationals.

With around 200 athletes competing in the 2017 Canadian Youth Boulder Nationals last weekend at The HIVE North Shore in North Vancouver, the competition was fierce and the skill level was high. We’re happy to report that our youth team athletes rocked the Boulder Nationals taking a podium spot in five out of the eight categories!

“I am also so happy with how the Climb Base 5 athletes handled the pressure of this event. These inspiring young people competed with poise, determination and passion,” says Andrew Wilson, head coach for our youth team, reflecting on how the weekend went.

“Our athletes also clearly showed the importance of being in and working as a team. I was inspired by the way our athletes were there for each other. The podiums would not have happened without the support these athletes received and provided for each other. The entire Climb Base5 community should feel proud of these successes.”

Junior – Female

  • Mika Hosoi (1st overall)

Junior – Male

  • Ivan Luo (1st overall)
  • Tosh Sherkat (2nd Canadian / 3rd overall)
  • Kyle Murdoch (3rd Canadian / 4th overall)
  • Hayden Jones (8th)
  • Adrian Kask (18th)

Youth A – Female

  • Sophie Buitendyk (1st overall)
  • Chloe Earle (10th)

Youth B – Female

  • Brielle Zacharias (14th)
  • Eladee Jamieson (28th)

Youth B – Male

  • Ben Newman (5th)
  • Nathan Head (16th)

Youth C – Female

  • Emi Takashiba (1st Canadian / 2nd overall)
  • Maki Koci (2nd Canadian / 4th overall)

Youth C – Male

  • Connor Jones (3rd)

For the full results, visit the Sport Climbing BC website.

Here's Mika Hosoi on her way to taking top spot in the Junior - Female category.

Mika Hosoi on her way to taking top spot in the Junior – Female category.

We’re proud of all the athletes who competed and a big shout-out goes to The Hive North Shore, Sport Climbing BC, and everyone who helped  put on an amazing event. Missed out on the action? Check out Sports Canada TV for recorded Semis and Finals (coming soon).

Don't know who's luckier here - the girls or Sean McColl.

Don’t know who’s luckier here – the girls or route setter Sean McColl?


Our team athletes rocked The Fall Classic

The 2016/2017 Sport Climbing BC bouldering competition season started last Saturday (Oct 29) with The Fall Classic at North Vancouver’s The Edge Climbing Gym. This season opener was a chance for our Youth D to Open athletes to see how they match up with some of the best climbers from BC and Alberta. And they rocked it!


Female Category

  • Mika Hosoi (2nd / 1st in Y-Rank)
  • Ayesha Khan (4th)
  • Chloe Earle (6th / 2nd in Y-Rank)

Male Category

  • JJ Mah (3rd)
  • Tosh Sherkat (7th / 1st in Y-Rank)
  • Kyle Murdoch (10th / 2nd in Y-Rank)
  • Derek Runions (13th)
  • Ivan Luo (15th / 3rd in Y-Rank)
  • Ben Hughes (21st / 4th in Y-Rank)
  • Hayden Jones (24th / 5th in Y-Rank)
  • Hojin Jo (25th)
  • Adrian Kask (27th / 6th in Y-Rank)

Ivan, Tosh, and Kyle

Youth B

Female Category

  • Brielle Zacharias (5th)
  • Elladee Jamieson (6th)
  • Alana Titerle (17th)

Male Category

  • Ben Newman (4th)
  • Nathan Head (6th)
  • Jaxson MacDonald (8th)

Youth C

Female Category

  • Emi Takashiba (1st)
  • Tula Sherkat (2nd)
  • Maki Koci (3rd)

Male Category

  • Connor Jones (1st)
  • Fin Fraser Grathwol (2nd)

Fin, Connor, Maki, Emi and Tula

Youth D

  • Cedar Pidgeon (1st in female category)

The full results are on the Sport Climbing BC website. More photos and awesome shots on Facebook by Ken Chow and Shane Murdoch.

Watch out for Tosh Sherkat, Kyle Murdoch, Sophie Buitendyk, Chloe Earle, Ivan Luo and Hayden Jones who will be going to the IFSC World Youth Championships in Guangzhou (China) from 7-13 November!

… And don’t forget the next SCBC bouldering competition event The November Sessions will be taking place right here at Climb Base5 from November 19th-20th! In addition to the standard categories, we’ll also have recreational, experienced and master categories for all amateur climbers to compete. Learn more and register now!