Top 8 Slang Words

Top 8 Slang Words written by Kaleb Thomas.

Kaleb is an avid Rock Climber, living in his Van in Squamish, raised in Newfoundland and is currently a professional Route-Setter.

New to climbing? Want to make sure you are talking like a REAL climber?

Everyone knows all the common, everyday slang terms like ‘Beta’, ‘Red-point’ or ‘Heel-hook’, but if you want to be the raddest dude / dudette at the crag you’re going to need to know these 8, super-flouss terms and how to use them!!

  1. Bomber – Bombproof / The Bomb / Bombed – Out

Definition: When something is so solid it could take a bomb hit and not be disrupted – this

could be a hold, a piece of trad gear, your belay style or even a tattered old sling!

Examples: “Keep going dude, the next two-finger pocket is Bomber”

“No worries dude, this sling is only 5 years old, its Bombproof”

“Just slammed this bomber cam placement in that parallel crack!”

2) Spray – Spraying / Spray-down / Spray-Job / Super Soaker / Insta-Spray

Definition: a) To give someone un-solicited beta on a route they either have or haven’t sent.

b) To brag about ones climbing achievements either in person or on social media

(See. ‘Insta-Spray’)

Examples: “Bro, I don’t know where to go, can you give me a Spray-down?”

“Ugh, I was trying to on-sight the new pink V3 and Grant kept spraying at me”

“Sierra Blair-Coyle barely even climbs; all she does is Insta-Spray!!”

3) Sketch – Sketchy / Sketching / Sketched-Out

Definition: a) To climb using less then desirable gear, or on less then desirable rock.

b) To move, or grab a hold in an un-controlled, or more dangerous way.

Examples: “Hey! Watch me on this move because the last few pieces are super sketchy”

“I was super Sketched-out on the last move, the footholds were Soaked!”

“How’d that move feel Bro? – Bro, it was suuupppeeerrr Sketchy”

4) Spanked – Spanking, Spank-Zilla, Spankalicious

Definition: To fail as miserably as possible, usually on a route you boasted about being able

to do.

Examples: “I Climbed Pulse once like 20 years ago, but I just get Spanked on it now”

“I assumed I could flash that new 12c T.C. put up, but I’m just getting spanked”

“Today was a bummer, My project Spanked the unforgiving s#!t out of me!!”

5) Punt – Punting / Punter / Punt-King

Definition: To spend massive amounts of time not sending – Often used by Sport Climbers, due to the fact that they never ever send anything besides their warm-ups!!

Examples: “I was in The Red and belayed this guy for 7 hours while he Punted on Lucifer”

“Have you seen that guy climb? He’s a totally Punter”

“Have you seen me climb? Bro, I am soooooo not a Punter!!”

6) Sand-bag – Sand-bagged / Sand-bagging

Definition: A term used when a route or problem is more challenging then expected – Giving someone this kind of bad information is known as ‘Sand-Bagging’

Examples: “YO!! This does not feel like 5.9, We got totally Sand-Bagged”

“That pink route is such a Sandbag, I flashed one of the other 10a’s!”

“I’m getting spanked on this, it must be a sand-bag”

7) Rig

Definition: A term used to describe an on-going project – often used by pro boulderers and people who think they are pro boulderers.

Examples: “Bro, fire that rig”

“Crush that fat rig Bro!”

“Holy crap Bro, you made that rig pay!!!”

8) Using Any French word – Allez / Bloc

Definition: Using any French word in place of an English one – Used by the most legitimately cool and strong people at any crag. If you want to be the Biggest O.G. – use french.

Examples: “Allez, Allez, Allez, Allez”

“Let’s go try some fresh new Blocs bro”

“Allez dem Blocs der”