Get route-setting updates and track your climbs with Vertical-Life

There is nothing more important than route-setting. The chance to discover and challenge yourself with new routes or boulders is one of the best things about indoor climbing. Following our reopening, we are excited to announce that we are now part of the Vertical-Life App. The App is widely used in hundreds of gyms in Europe and Climb Base5 is one of the first facilities in North America to bring this technology to you!


Built by climbers for climbers, the App is a tool to help climbers climb outside and train indoors. We will be using the App to share our route-setting information, including what’s up at our gyms, the grades, and who set them. You’ll know what to expect and what to get psyched for. This includes:

  • Providing instant updates so you can keep track of all of the routes and boulders in the gyms
  • Getting critical information about routes and boulder like style, route-setter, removal, comments
  • Being able to log your climbs and boulders
  • Comparing your climbing experience with your friends
  • Sharing your own comments about specific routes and boulders
  • Stats on the most climbed routes in the gyms (based on people using the App)

Download the Vertical-Life app – it’s available for iOS or Android.