Volumes on a 5.9 and Learning to Bump!

Hey Everyone,


It has been a full two weeks since our last post! It has been busy at Base5 since Hayden and Matt left and its pretty much just Kyle and I doing all the stripping and setting right now!

Last week however, we did have a guest route setter! Tristan Ploughman was back and delivered two stellar new routes, and several top quality boulder problems! Look for the initials T.P. on the grade cards!


This week Kyle and I tackled a bunch of the old Black and White routes, and re-configured a few colours to hopefully make things a little easier to see (The biggest improvements being white on the Main Event and Black on the Centre Auto-Belay)


I also took the time to do something special with the 5.9 on the slab! Usually we hog all the volumes for the boulder wall or hard routes, and this wall has a super low angle so I thought it might be nice to give the newer climbers a chance to experience that type of climbing. The start of the route might feel hard the first few times you do it but give it a chance!!


Another thing I was thinking about this week was building a problem that was a trainer for “bump”. Essentially I used a little tiny crimp as an intermediate on almost every move through this problem, while the “main” holds get further and further apart as you go. I think its a pretty fun problem, and if you’re someone who struggles with powerful moves this could be a good training problem for you!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDONvOj-vXM&w=560&h=315]

Also – Stronger climbers, not only can you try and skip all the intermediates to make it harder – its a great problem for doing 4×4’s on because you can easily adjust the problem to how strong/tired you are.


Next week should be a fun one!! New cave problems and routes – and there is a high chance of there being some new holds 🙂 Fingers Crossed!!



Thanks for reading!