Want to boulder like in the World Cup?

We’ve set up a circuit of boulder problems at Climb Base5 that are similar to the kind of routes you would find at World Cup bouldering events. Instead of being made up of standard holds like crimps, pockets, and slopers, our route setting team installed volumes which will allow you to use climbing movements that mimic the styles often found on the World Cup.

Volumes 'a la the World Cup'
Volumes ‘a la the World Cup’

The boulders will be up for three weeks before we reset the walls with new World Cup-style boulders. We plan to have this World Cup circuit become a regular part of our setting at Climb Base5, so you’ll always have something fresh and exciting to play with!

In addition to some of our team saying it’s like a jungle gym for adults, the guys who created this circuit (Matt Johnson, Andrew Wilson, and Kyle Rurak) had this to say:

The skills, strengths and coordination that’s required to progress on these volume boulders is often well outside of traditional climbing movements. You can be creative in solving them by taking advantage of non-typical climbing skills of, say, a gymnast. What’s exciting about them is that they are inherently accessible to the general public.

Our World Cup circuit boulders use the same start, bonus and top conventions as those found in IFSC World Cups. Here’s a rundown on what they are and how you’ll find them in the gym:

  • Short blue strips of tape mark the volumes and holds on the WC boulders to help them stand out from other routes.
  • Start: four positions (2 hands and 2 feet) marked with four strips of long green tape. The climber must establish these positions before progressing.
  • Bonus: a hold marked with orange tape to designate a partway value used in IFSC scoring. Hold must be controlled to receive a bonus score.
  • Top (Finish): A single hold marked with a single strip of green tape that must be controlled with both hands (this can be using one finger from each hand and does not always require grabbing the hold).

Come by the gym and try them out. We’re open every day!


Our route setter Matt Johnson showing how he’s about to finish the World Cup circuit boulder.
The start of a World Cup circuit boulder.
The start of a World Cup circuit boulder.