We’re partnering with Vancouver Mountain Guides (VMG) to bring you outdoor courses that’ll get you from climbing inside to climbing outside!

All courses take place in Squamish from 8am – 4pm. See below for a list of courses and details.

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Climb Base5 is the official indoor gym and training centre for VMG.

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Level 1 Rock – Learn To Top Rope (one-day course)

  • Level 1 Rock prepares climbers for outdoor climbing. With basic indoor climbing skills, our ACMG guides will teach you the techniques for top rope climbing outdoors. This is a 1 day course typically held in the Squamish Smoke Bluffs. A perfect course for climbers ready to make the transition outside.
  • Prerequisites: Basic knots, top-rope belaying, indoor climbing 5.8.
  • Price: $119+gst


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Level 2 Rock – Learn To Lead Climb (two-day course)

  • Lead climbing outdoors is the next progression from top-roping outdoors and lead climbing in the gym. Gym climbing can teach the basics but outdoor climbing involves many new skills including risk assessment, safety, and technique. This is a 2 day course that gives you the time required to practice and solidify new skills under the watchful eye of your guide. Learning to lead safely on bolts outdoors is the focus of this course. If time permits, you will be introduced to trad gear.
  • Prerequisites: Experience setting up top ropes outdoors or Level 1 Rock and practice. Comfortable top roping 5.6 minimum outdoors.
  • Price: $269+gst


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Level 3 Rock – Learn To Trad Climb (two-day course)

  • Level 3 Rock is designed for climbers wanting to learn how to lead single pitch routes with trad gear. Two days allows the time needed to practice new skills under the watchful eye of your guide. Consider this scenario: you place a piece of gear and climb the crux followed by an easy traverse 20ft right to an anchor. In this scenario if the seconder falls at the crux they will take a massive swing causing injury and/or damage to the rope. Learn how to mitigate risks like this with our experienced guides. This course builds on skills from Level 1 and 2 Rock. Our ACMG guides provide close support, ascending on a separate rope beside you, ensuring your safety, while inspiring your first lead on gear!
  • Prerequisites: Lead climber on sport or Level 2 Rock. Solid crack climber at the 5.6 level minimum. Take our Crack Camp to improve your crack climbing skills!
  • Price: $269+gst


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Rock Rescue – Learn To Self Rescue (one-day course)

  • You’re five pitches up and unexpected thunderclouds roll in, or worse yet your partner gets injured. Have you ever wondered what you’d do in these situations? ACMG guides provide instruction to quickly and safely handle many rescue situations. The skills you learn are the foundation for a future of safe climbing. Would you backcountry ski with a partner that does not know how to conduct a transceiver search? Why do we accept lower standards in rock climbing? Don’t delay your personal safety!
  • Prerequisites: Experience lead climbing (sport or trad) and comfortable on 5.6 minimum.
  • Price: $119+gst