Portable Wall

Climb Base5 Comes to You!

Being mobile means we travel to your location near or far.

Our team of facilitators will lead your group with games and activities for the day or entire week. The portable wall is equipped with 3 Auto-Belay units which manage the ropes safely and efficiently, which means we can have 3 climbers on the wall at once!

There are lots of different games and activities that we can do with our wall that can help with team-building or just plain old fun!

  • Races
  • Blind-folded climbing
  • Partner climbs

Portable Wall Events
Bring rock climbing to your events. Our portable wall can operate at all types of events whether big or small.

Wall Specifications

  • Height: 24 feet high x 10 feet wide
  • Three Routes
  • Routes for all ages and abilities

Wall Delivery Fee (Based on one-way distance)

  • First 25 Kilometres = $75.00
  • Kilometres 25-200 = $3.00/km
  • Kilometres 200 and upward =$2.15/km

Operation Fee

  • Hourly = $275.00/hour
  • Daily (8 hours) = $2000.00

Contact Us
For more information and quotes, email us – portablewall(at)climbbase5.com

Our staff member Kia running one of our portable walls