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School Bookings

Both gyms are still accepting school groups at this time, however due to COVID-19, availability is limited. Please contact for more information.

Step into the Vertical Realm

Option #1: Please Contact us for Current Prices / Option #2: $45 per student

Plan your next field trip seamlessly with Climb Base5 and introduce your students to an alternative to traditional fitness. For the duration of this 2 hour session our enthusiastic staff assist the students to step into the vertical realm. We encourage an open and positive mindset to help conquer each challenge to the fullest potential. Our goal is to create a lasting memory through self inspired accomplishments. We guarantee this will be the field trip of the year.

Option #1: Experience Climbing

Let our experienced staff be your guide in providing a well rounded climbing experience. Students will challenge themselves on roped climbs, bouldering, and Auto-belay systems. A unique and cost effective way to introduce your students to the world of Indoor Rock Climbing!

  • minimum class size 15 students
  • ages 5+
  • 2 hours of guided climbing
  • all safety equipment included
  • staff provided at a 5:1 ratio
  • bookings times available starting from 8:30am to 2pm

Option #2: Learn to Belay

A multi-session field trip that really rocks! We teach the basics of belay systems and introductory climbing technique, so that your students can safely and confidently manage the ropes for another climber. This 2 day course will cover everything students need to know in order to climb at our gym or others independently. Day one lessons include: equipment set-up and safety checks, climbers knots, belay system set-up, belay communication, and the mechanics of belaying. Day two will focus on: Catching falls, belay certification, movement coaching, and more free climbing time. In addition to the certification, each climber will receive a free day pass to come back and visit the gym on their own, or as a group.

  • minimum class size 15 students
  • ages 14 and over
  • 4 hours of instruction
  • all safety equipment included
  • staff provided at a 4:1 ratio
  • bookings times available starting from 8:30am to 2pm
  • Cost: $45/student

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