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Our adult, youth and performance program are highly popular and our experienced coaches will work with you to develop into the climber you want to be.

Adult Programs

Adults Only (ages 19+) with Anna Lee
Improve as a climber and make new friends with our adults only course aimed at men and women ages 19+.

Advanced Program
The objective of this program is to build up mid-level adult recreational climbers by developing new techniques through direct coaching.

Adult Performance4Life
The objective for this advanced adult climbing course is for advanced and strong recreational climbers to develop new climbing techniques through training and direct coaching in an intimate group setting.

Coffee, Climbing & Conditioning with Ean
Start your day with a freshly brewed cup of Bean Around the World coffee and find out why CCC is one of our most popular programs!

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Youth Programs

Come discover your passion for rock climbing! The GECKOS course combines climbing with games and activities, to make this the perfect introductory course for young climbers.

Take your climbing to new heights! Designed for new climbers, this course is where young climbers learn climbing basics and top-rope safety skills. This course is designed to be repeatable, without being too repetitive.

Continue growing your knowledge, skill and passion in this program which builds on what has been mastered in SPIDERS. Instructors facilitate learning by creating personalized objectives for each participant. Due to the personalized nature of the curriculum, this course can be repeated numerous times without being repetitive in content.

Enjoy the power that comes with training for personal enjoyment and growth. This course is intended for athletes who would like to continue pursuing personal climbing performance, but who do not wish to compete or train to compete.

We believe the sky is the limit and that any obstacle can be overcome. We strongly support equal opportunities for all, and we want to make climbing a sport that anyone can enjoy! This is the guiding principle behind MOVEment, a program for children with physical and cognitive delays.

This 2-hour lesson will teach teens all the required skills for indoor climbing, including: safety practices, proper set-up of equipment, figure-8 knot, verbal commands and rope management!

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Performance Programs

Enjoy the power that comes with training for personal enjoyment and growth with this program.

House Team
The House Team is for athletes looking to learn about, prepare for and participate in competition climbing.

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Elite Team

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