Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First Time

I've never climbed before. What do I need to get started?

Awesome news! Welcome to Climb Base5, we have you covered. Visit our booking page to see our introductory offers. And if you have time, check out this hilarious video filmed on location at our gym!

Is there an age limit for climbing?

We find that most parents try to start their child climbing at about age 3 or 4 depending on the child’s interest. If you already know how to belay, or are willing to learn, we can teach you how manage the gear for your child. Due to our supervision ratios, our group climbing sessions start at age 5. Good news for our older climbers, there is no upper age limit! The low impact nature of climbing makes it an excellent choice for aging fitness seekers.

Do I have to be super fit or have strong upper body strength to climb?

No, not too worry if you feel you can’t pull yourself up the wall. An efficient climber is able to make the most of his or her strongest muscles, the core and lower body. Using a “feet first mentality” you can focus on your foot placements, maintain good balance and push with your legs. Your arms will get stronger and you will get a total body work out through climbing.

What type of climbing do you offer?

We have on average 100 of routes that can be climbed on lead or top rope, 20 auto-belay routes, and 5000 square feet of bouldering space.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing in its purest form. It involves climbing short routes called ‘problems’ on specially designed climbing walls of a lower height, removing the need for ropes, harnesses and other equipment. Instead, the floor is covered with a thick soft pad in case you fall. Bouldering is also fun and more social activity than traditional indoor climbing as it can be carried out as a group. It also keeps you fit because the variety of problems on our bouldering wall keeps you from getting bored. You can boulder at any age and requires only a basic level of fitness and a pair of climbing shoes.

Do you offer technique or fitness classes?

Yes. We offer weekly technique classes. See our booking page for more information on individual courses.

What do I wear for climbing?

Anything that you would work out in, should be suitable. Breathable, slightly loose fitting or stretchy works the best. Keep in mind; in most cases you’ll be wearing a harness, so make sure clothing does not interfere with proper fit of climbing gear.

Do I need my own climbing gear?

We do recommend that you purchase your own gear to personalize fit and function. However, we offer affordable rental gear on a drop in basis, or a 7-time rental package if you plan on waiting a bit before getting your own gear. For prices and more information please visit our Member page. Rental gear is provided free of charge for Group bookings.

Where can I buy climbing gear?

Uh oh, you’re hooked. Now it’s time to gear up. If you are in the Tri-Cities: MEC, Valhalla Outfitters, and Atmosphere carry a full range of climbing gear. Craigslist, not so much. It’s best to have first hand knowledge of the care and maintenance of your life saving gear.

Why do I need to sign a waiver?

We are required by our insurance company to ensure that everyone using the facility fill out a release of liability waiver. In order to maintain a safe climbing environment we follow stringent safety inspections, ensure our instructors and properly trained and provide floor supervision. If you have any questions regarding the activity and our standards, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss our safety practices. Fill out the COVID-19 and facility waivers here.


What is Belaying?

Belaying, is a term derived from sailing meaning to “hold fast”. In climbing parlance, it means to manage a rope for a climber using a dynamic friction device. It’s not hard to learn how to belay, we do however recommend that you employ the guidance of a certified professional to “teach you the ropes” and provide the right environment to practice. See our Introductory Courses to get started.

What is an Auto-Belay?

An Auto-Belay is a great tool to climb on your own. We have 4 TRUBLUE auto-belays in the gym that allow you flexibility to get in a quick great endurance workout. Without having to rely on a partner. No experience necessary.

How old do I have to be to belay on my own?

Our minimum age for belay testing is 14 years. Unless you are a member of our Youth Development program.

How much are Belay and Lead tests?

If you’ve already learned how to belay or lead and want to get tested to climb in our gym, the cost is $6 for a belay test and $10 for a lead test. Tests are included in our intro belay and lead courses.

Why do you charge for belay testing and orientation?

We take safety systems seriously at Climb Base5. As a result, we make sure to provide a thorough belay test and gym orientations to ensure all new climbers are fully competent with gym equipment and aware of the rules. Testing and orientation takes time. We want to ensure that new climbers take these procedures seriously and are confident in their skills. There is a $4 charge for the Top-Rope test, and $10 for Top-Rope and Lead. If you are new to climbing or it has been awhile, we offer Belay courses, which include the cost of the test and orientation.

Why do you have weight restrictions for Lead climbing partners?

Since there are higher fall forces involved with Lead climbing, we ask that the lead climber not exceed 150% of the belayer’s weight. If exceeding this weight, we ask that you use the Ohm device (which desk staff will provide to you to rent at no cost). Bigger differences in weight will inhibit the belayer’s ability to provide a safe catch for the climber, leading to a potential ground fall or collision. We also do not allow for ground anchoring, as it can limit the effectiveness of a dynamic belay, and create an entanglement issue for a falling climber.

Memberships and Day Passes

What are the benefits of membership?

It saves you Money! No more throwing your money away by paying per visit. Enjoy guilt-free unlimited access to all we have to offer. Members receive 5% of retail purchases excluding food and drink, 10% off classes, discount on admission to facility events, and free monthly guest passes.

Can I climb at both the Coquitlam and North Vancouver gyms?

Climb Base5 is the only facility to provide 2/1 gyms for the same price. The following memberships have dual gym privileges.

  • People or families who purchased a prepaid annual or a monthly EFT membership after September 1st, 2018;
  • People or families with a current annual or monthly EFT membership purchased before September 1st, 2018 (they are grandfathered in);
  • People who purchased a discounted annual memberships or monthly EFT membership (students, seniors, etc.)
How much does a membership cost?

Visit our membership and drop-in rates page for up-to-date information on rates and prices.

Are memberships transferable?

Sorry, we do not allow for membership transfers.

Can I suspend or change my monthly membership?

We allow Monthly Plan Members to Suspend, Change or Cancel their membership for any reason. Membership Request forms must be received no later then the 8 days prior to monthly payment. A maintenance fee of $15/month + gst (Individual) and $20/month + gst (Family) will be applied monthly to any passes placed on-hold. Please fill out our membership change request form here.

What happens to my membership if I get injured?

Just bring in a doctor’s note, and we would be happy to put your membership on hold until you are able to climb again free of charge.

What is your membership cancellation policy?

Monthly Membership Plans can be cancelled at anytime via the online membership change request form. We must receive notification of membership change 8 days prior to monthly payment. If a Monthly Membership is cancelled within the first 12 month of active membership, the member will be charged a $98 cancellation fee. Sorry, we only allow cancellations on our Annual and One month memberships with a doctors note stating a long term injury, or if the member if moving more than 30kms away from the facility. Proof of address is required.

Why do I have to pay an administration fee upon cancelling my monthly membership?

Climb Base5 is proud to offer “Monthly Membership Plans”, the first truly flexible climbing membership. Whether you are planning an extended trip or eager to try a new sport, no matter the reason, we can put your pass on hold, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The benefit to you is it allows you to do this while saving you money at the same time. At Climb Base5 we want to help our members as climbers be apart of a much larger community. Be active, have fun and share your passion! We are committed to offering the convenience and flexible afforded by the Monthly Membership program, but we also want our members to be committed to helping to grow our climbing community. Pardon the pun, but cancellation fees aren’t used to “PAD” our pockets, they help to offset the costs for belay testing, gym orientations, and membership activations, suspensions, or cancellations.

Do you offer family memberships?

Yes. Our members are family, so of course we have Family Memberships. Family passes are available on our Monthly or Annual memberships. Our definition of “Family” is a couple or single parent, with one or more kids under the age of 19. We allow for up to (4) individuals to be under a family pass. Extra family member (5th person) can be added for an additional fee.

Do you offer student or senior discounts?

Seniors (65yo) get a 10% discount on all passes and memberships.

Students get a 10% discount on Annual and monthly payment memberships.

What's the fine print for memberships?


    • Monthly Memberships can be cancelled or placed on-hold for any reason with written notice to Climb Base5. Notice must be given prior to the 10th of each month in order for the changes to take affect for the next billing cycle.
    • Membership holds will reduce your monthly charge to $15.75/month or $21/month for family memberships. Memberships may be placed on-hold for up to 3 months per calendar year; Memberships on-hold due to an injury or illness may remain on-hold at no charge. Monthly rate changes are applied at the beginning of your billing cycle, and freezes will only take effect at that time.
    • Admin fee of $98 will be applied if Membership is cancelled within the first 12 months excluding time on-hold.
    • Climb Base5 reserves the right to change Membership terms and dues with 60 days written notice.
    • If a payment is declined (NSF), a $15 fee will be charged to next billing.
    • Payments are processed every 17th of the month. For more information on PAD agreements contact your financial institution or visit


    • May be put on hold for medical reasons with doctor’s note
    • May not be refunded, cancelled, transferred or put on-hold

Programs & Pricing

What's your cancellation policy?

Guests are able to receive a full refund for their course/program up to 1 week prior to the start date of the program. If it is less than 7 days, and more than 48 hours, they can receive a 50% refund. If it is less than 48 hours, no refund is possible but 50% of the course fee can be credited to their account to use for future use. No refunds will be given after a course or program begins. Exceptions for doctor’s note due to illness or injury.


All prices are subject to GST


Where are you located?

We are located just off United Boulevard, on Brigantine Dr., just across the street from Tim Horton’s. If you know where the Ikea is, we are just over the King Edward overpass from Lougheed Hwy near Ikea. Visit our contact us page for more details and a map.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

Tim Horton’s and Wendy’s are right across the street. Other options include: Subway, White Spot, and Starbucks which are only a short block away.

How do I get to your gym by transit?

We are just a short bus ride away from the Braid St. Sky Train station. Once at Braid Station, take a 7min ride on the 159 bus and get off on Brigantine Dr. (Stop #59018). We are only a few steps away from the bus stop.